mercredi 24 juin 2015

Can't scroll up/down and scroll left/right at the same time on UITableView within a UIScrollView

Update: I was able to get the table view to swipe left/right after stopping scrolling up/down by inheriting from UIScrollView and implementing the shouldRecognizeSimultaneouslyWithGestureRecognizer and shouldBeRequiredToFailByGestureRecognizer methods from UIGestureRecognizerDelegate. But I am still unable to figure out how to let the user scroll up/down or left/right after stopping the initial up/down scroll (and the user's finger is still on the device).

I created a sample project here You can test this by swiping down on the table view once, then lift your finger off and while it's still scrolling, put your finger back on to stop the scrolling. While your finger is still on the table view, try swiping left/right and it should work. But with this implementation if you try to swipe down the table view multiple times, it will sometimes get stuck because it will think that you are trying to swipe left/right. Any ideas?

Original: I have a couple UITableViews that are within a UIScrollView that has paging enabled, and is setup to let me page left and right so that only one UITableView is visible at a time. Here is a diagram (taken from Conflictive scroll on UITableView within UIScrollView)

                                 +--visible area--+  ---+
+---------`UIScrollView`---------+---------------+|  --+|
| +-------------+ +-------------+|+-------------+||  -+||
| |      0      | |      1      |||      2      |||   |||
| |`UITableView`| |`UITableView`|||`UITableView`|||  equal height
| |             | |             |||             |||   |||
| +-------------+ +-------------+|+-------------+||  -+||
+--------------------------------+---------------+|  --+| 
                                 +----------------+  ---+

What I would like to achieve is if the user scrolls down the table view, and then lifts their finger off (and the scrolling down animation is still happening), the user can chose to swipe left and right to go to the next table view. Right now if the user scrolls down the table view, and then lifts their finger off and while the scrolling down animation is still happening, and then puts their finger back on to swipe left and right, it will not allow the user to scroll left and right, and I am stuck viewing the already visible table view unless I wait for the table view scrolling to stop completely and then swipe left and right.

TL;DR Basically I cannot scroll up/down the table and swipe left/right in the scroll view at the same time, but I would like to be able to do this. An example of this would be in the iOS Instagram app on the Activity tab. You can scroll down and then swipe right while the table view is still scrolling.

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