mercredi 24 juin 2015

IOS automation for a TableView with pagination

I'm writing automation scripts using java and Appium 1.4.1 for an IOS native app. in some tests I need to click on one of the cells in a TableView. Everything worked fine till a change in the app TableView that now use pagination. It now takes longer time to run those tests and in the end it failed to click the cell. My code is:

public List<WebElement> tableCell;
public ScreenBase clickTableCell(int n)
   return this;       

In the test i'm calling clickTableCell(2) to click on the second cell in the table.

The error i'm getting: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information) Command duration or timeout: 1.33 seconds Build info: version: '2.45.0', revision: '5017cb8e7ca8e37638dc3091b2440b90a1d8686f', time: '2015-02-27 09:10:26' System info: host: 'CQAs-MBP-2', ip: '', 'Mac OS X', os.arch: 'x86_64', os.version: '10.10.3', java.version: '1.8.0_40' Driver info: io.appium.java_client.ios.IOSDriver

please advice.


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